Me Preocupa De

Then my soul,
hope lost its way.
Until then
my path had lay.

My heart unspoken was left still and cold,
stuck in age,
denied my growth.

The sky grew ill
my life seen in breath.
Swirled through the new world,
I no longer myself.

For the Master froze death, till high on in.
To anew world where my death would begin.
But where one ends another begins…
one and another, the same of two brothers.

So while the top stays dark the bottom will form.
The white and the crystals
the calm of the storm.
Then my soul will be amidst, frozen in time.
Inside the new world,
this city in mine.

And a portrait will be stilled
the frame will be lit.
Death is the backdrop,
through life it will split.

The two claim my breath and whosoever in my past,
the two diverge and meet: Future’s death and Life’s past.
And so this will continue without further cause and will swivel on and on
Like a remade old-fashioned song.

The aperture is frozen
What inside lies the truth?
The trap and the curse of a blinging forgotten youth.

So solemn is Solomon.
For the princess of water,
had choices ever pressing,
and the snow did aught her.

The scene was set and laid to be.
The cold she bore by the frozen tree.
Its roots embedded she found no cause.
Her soul was trapped with no remorse.
The chill descended wrapped in honor,
as ice cycles dripped from nature fathered.

The tree did branch.
Frozen with patterns it took its stance
In life and love while death breathed a dark high
where frozen tracks shown how nature did sigh

To see such a figure
the lady of ice.
En vierno te amo
Me preoupa de life.

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