Trust Your Magnetic Needle

People tend to believe the heart to be irrational due to its focus on feelings, the gut and variables unseen, but I believe it is a muscle like anything else that needs to be exercised. An emotional muscle that should be exercised. There’s a reason certain emotions translate to organs, (research real ties) like the pang in your heart when hear personal news that’s negative; mania. Anxiety’s connection with the lungs etc. When you’ve practiced and matured to the point where you can not only feel but translate those feelings via the Brain; it’s partner, then you truly unlocked the real potential and strength of the Heart.

The Awkward Yeti

I have naturally been heart driven and a person with a vivid visual imagination. Words and emotions always traveled to me visually, playing like an old reel panning across inside my head like a subconscious comic strip. On my tough days my comic comes to life, in an effort to express conflicting thoughts, to make sense of my anxiety, and to help me stay calm and focused.

Heart and Brain are tethered together. Depending on the situation one takes the lead guiding the other, sometimes leading the other how you would a puppy on a leash. Admittedly for me, Heart is mainly the leader while Brain follows close behind fact checking, calculating, approving or disapproving the next move. Depending on my balance second guessing things too. I have some trust issues within myself so it not like the old days: Heart running ahead excited and free, untethered while Brain follows confidently knowing any issues arising would be handled.

My Heart has felt a pang too many.  Think in science when behavioral correction meant slight electrocution for the wrong move. The heart can no longer trust itself. I’ve come to realize that Brain just wants a happy heart, carefree and protected. As much as that sounds parental, like brain is the authority this is not the complete truth. Yes there is NO life without a brain.  You must also understand without heart there is no life fulfilled. No meaning and that is the real power. They lead on different plains.

My Brain has tried to intervene. Fluctuating between the voice of reason, “hey that’s a little too free,” to “let’s jump out a plane, I won’t protest till its too late.” I indeed jumped out of a plane before my brain could really understand what was agreed to. What do you do with a timid heart which in effect throws off the magnetic needle of the compass? Producing an imbalance and inaccurate readings of the Brain. The compass to the magnetic needle is that same relationship of Brain to Heart. In order to get an accurate compass-heading reading, the magnetic needle inside must be able to move freely inside the compass capsule. Without Hearts freedom and magnetism Brain has trouble, without the direction of brain… without both there is indecisiveness and second guessing. Life is good when they are each tethered in its unique confidence. The unique balance of that individual. It has been the close simpatico of Brain and Heart, the maturity and use of the muscle and my imagination that has helped me to be sensitive to know when they are (not in sync).

To Heart: Stop checking in with Brain all the time, let go, let loose, relearn. Instinct returns when muscles are used. Growth is consistent practice and maturing. Keep loving unabashedly. Hope is the freedom to believe that there is a future. Let others see you, move forward into light and be seen.

Brain: Be your own corpus of truths. Learn from the past and do not base future movements on it. Mistakes are allowed. Mistakes, are allowed. Together, with heart they will be handled.

To the Master of the body: Do your part and supply the energy. Consistent and healthy food, movement, exercise, and will.

Acknowledge yourself and understand the balance that is you. Emotions are not the enemy, and reason is not to be feared. No matter which side you lean to, one isn’t much without the use and understanding of the other. The balance is for you determine and embrace.


2 thoughts on “Trust Your Magnetic Needle

  1. In my world the heart leads. I find it enables the brain and other parts on the body extend their power beyond their scientific capabilities because it knows no bounds just the strength of the emotions at any given moment.

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