What’s In A Name

Liv could feel the the rush of heat expand inside, outward through her skin. She knew breathing didn’t help. Neither did reminding herself to breathe.

It was a just mistake. She made it. But Liv’s body has this habit of defying her brain’s logic. She’s panicking, she’s scared, and she is upset. No, she is disappointed in herself and angry at having feelings. Feelings that she shouldn’t have.

Liv feels her value being drawn from her like life points in a video game. But there are no visible rings or 1ups, or tiny hearts to grab to feel better. It’ll take refocus, a successful moment, or talking to herself to slow her heart, calm her body, ease her mind.

Anxiety is real. Liv’s knee bounces as she tries to smile out of it.

“Just breathe V, just breathe…please.”

Olivienne Spencer.
Olive, Olivia, Livi, Vi (vee) , Livy – The name Olivienne is as diverse/dynamic as she is. She loves that. In any language it’s almost the same. Vienne, vivian, vivienne, doesn’t claim to be complicated but there are so many parts to her. It takes time to really see her.

It’s the early stages of her name, conciousness. She doesn’t know which nickname fits. That’s cool with her. She seems to love herself in equal parts. It’s THEY who want her to choose. She appreciates it all.

Vivienne. To live. Life. Living

Olive. Olive tree. Olive branch. Peace.

Peaceful living. What Olivienne is and what she is after.

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