Olivienne Rose Spencer.

Olive, Olivia, Livka, the name means the same in any language. Olive, an Olive branch or an Olive tree, spiritually is a symbol of beauty, strength, divine blessing and prosperity.  Vivienne the elaborated French version of Vivian comes the Latin word “vivus” meaning alive, life. I am Rose; full name Rosalin. Spencer is my father, my twin. Spencer Alexander passed away in 2017.

I was born in the Bronx, New York and live in Chicago, IL. This blog is to honor myself, my thoughts and creativity. It is to connect, share and grow. I am the sum of the people before me, my lessons and experiences, and those I connect with present and future.

I wanted to find a name that embodied my creativity, that harnessed my spirituality,  and honored my father. This name is a seed from which I would grow. It shows in my work.  Olivienne is the summation of peaceful living. Rose; for myself. Spencer for Da-dee-san. A name I called my dad as a baby.

I invite you to grow with me. Comments are welcomed and encouraged!!

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